As the school community of Scranton Prep, we strive to make your students’ daily experience here a positive one.  In that line of thought, a healthy student is able to learn, is happy and can immerse themselves in all aspects of everyday life here at Prep.  As the nurse at school, I am available throughout the day to assist your student when they are not feeling up to par, when they may need medication and, of course, to respond to any unforeseen situations that may arise.

On our student health page you will find important information that will be helpful to your family.  Our page gives information about requirements for physical exams, with a link for downloading the school physical form.  Additionally, if your student will need medication during the school day, explanation of consent and forms are available.  And finally, if your student has a serious allergy, an emergency plan document should be completed and submitted.  

As your student makes their journey through Prep, I look forward to meeting them and assisting them to stay healthy and well.  


Sheila M. Zeleniak, R.N.