Hearts On Fire, Sleeves Rolled Up (Capital Campaign)

Scranton Prep is currently involved in a vital capital campaign entitled “Hearts On Fire, Sleeves Rolled Up.”  This campaign will enable Prep to fortify our financial health and deepen our work in service of the centuries-old mission of Jesuit education:  helping parents raise their children to become the men and women God created them to be.

With this campaign, we, the Prep family, rededicate ourselves to the heritage that is ours because of the work and prayer of generations of Prep students and parents, teachers and coaches, alumni and Jesuits who have gone before us. 

We do so knowing well that Prep relies today, as it always has, on two fundamental sources of strength and support:  the good people of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Holy Sprit of God.

We hope that you will consider becoming a part of this great effort by making a gift to the “Hearts On Fire, Sleeves Rolled Up” campaign.  Your gift, together with your prayer, is a powerful way to help shape the lives of Prep students today and for years to come.

Primary Contact

Karen Minora

Director of Development

1000 Wyoming Avenue

Scranton, PA 18509

Phone: 570-941-7743